VVN offers an integrated pallet racking and shop racking system

VVN is a company, widely known for a wide and modern range of warehouse and store equipment, which is chosen by leading logistics companies in the Baltics and Scandinavia. We...

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VVN offers console and UX outdoor racks

VVN offers to its clients cantilever storage racks and UX racking systems. Cantilever storage racks are used for long products: rods, pipes, proles made of metals or plastics. Besides, they...

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Morderna checkout zones for your store

VVN is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of store and warehouse equipment in the Baltics and Scandinavian countries with a wide network of cooperation throughout Europe. We currently...

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Choose the trade equipment offered by VVN

VVN is one of the leading suppliers of tradeRU equipment in the Baltics and Scandinavian countries. We offer our customers a full range of equipment for trade and warehouse spaces that...

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Our experts will visit your premises free of charge and offer the best warehouse solution for your business development

VVN is a company with long-term experience in supplying warehouse shelves to companies in Latvia and abroad, and is one of the most important players in the warehouse equipment industry....

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Improve your store to increase sales

At VVN, we understand the importance of impeccable shop shelving systems. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting top-tier solutions that elevate your merchandise, captivate customers, and boost sales! Introducing...

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Optimize your warehouse with pallet racking solutions

"VVN" is a company especially known for its range of modern pallet racks, chosen by companies that care about purchasing quality warehouse equipment. Properly selected pallet racks are an important...

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We offer modern shop shelving solutions for your sales premises.

Shop shelves are a very versatile solution that is ideal for furnishing retail spaces. The store shelves we offer are perfect for placing various product categories, from consumer goods and...

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We offer modern pallet racking solutions for your warehouse

VVN offers modern solutions for warehouse equipment and pallet racks, which are developed individually for each customer, taking into account the customer's business needs. Pallet racks are an ideal solution...

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Furnishing of the new "TOP" store in Grobina

On December 15, 2022, a new store "Top!" was opened in Grobina, for which VVN supplied and assembled sales equipment. The total area of the building is 990 m2, and...

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Console and UX outdoor racks

The applicability of the consoles and UX shelves we offer is multi-functional. They are ideal for storing long goods of medium and heavy weight (rods, pipes, profiles and others). VVN...

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An international cooperation project has been implemented in Denmark

One of our latest implemented projects is an international project in Denmark, in cooperation with Damgaard-Jensen A/S BrandFactory. Our task in the implementation of the project was to offer the...

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Furniture for public administration and municipal institutions

SIA “Viss veikaliem un noliktavām” is one of the leading traders of furniture, equipment and trade equipment in Latvia. The company has more than 10 years of experience and, regardless,...

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VVN has repeatedly received the Certificate of Compliance with the highest AAA rating of creditworthiness

A year ago, we received a confirmation from Bisnode Latvija that SIA Viss veikaliem un noliktavām meets the highest level of creditworthiness, receiving an AAA rating Certificate. We are pleased...

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The logistics professionals AS “Eugesta Eesti” chooses VVN

VVN delivered and performed the assembly of warehouse shelves for 11 550 pallet places to the warehouse of AS "Eugesta Eesti" with the area of 10 400 square meters. AS...

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The future doesn’t wait in a line. Innovative solutions in retail.

Customer requirements and desires go with the times. Today's customers appreciate convenient, fast and safe service. To ensure this, we are constantly innovating, which improves the quality of service, collects...

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VVN - verified choice of customers and business partners

We are proud of our company's business processes and values, as evidenced by the highest company creditworthiness rating - AAA - awarded by Bisnode Latvia. We will continue our work...

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Safe environment for employees and customers

Every day, we work to render reliable and professional support to retailers, being able to provide the best solutions that help our customers operate efficiently and grow in the long...

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UX – a rack resistant to wind and snow

UX racking systems are suitable for outdoor storage and are made with increased resistance to wind and snow. According to the customer’s needs, we design, manufacture and install UX racking...

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Intelligent shelf – the perfect solution for retail

The intelligent shelf system completely changes the way products are managed in the store. Intelligent shelf gives unprecedented analytical capabilities that will help optimize inventory management in the store. Our...

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HX pallet shelving system

By choosing HX pallet shelving system you will obtain innovative solutions that will make day-to-day work more efficient. HX pallet shelves possess high level of load stability and the broadest...

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The latest trends in the checkout counters of shops

It’s known that a loyal client is the base for successful business. Due to rapid development of technologies and change in the offered options, also the clients’ wishes and habits...

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Integrated solutions to improve sales efficiency. DSM - shop assortment management system

Earning more not always means working more, mostly it means working wiser and more efficiently. Due to technological development, if you act wise, such goal of the company can be...

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Harmonized equipment of shops and warehouses – environment that is pleasant for the client

The choice of clients increasingly tends to shops, where they feel emotionally good and get pleasant feelings. A well-considered interior and equipment of shops creates positive emotions that stimulates to...

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