Intelligent shelf

The intelligent shelf system completely changes the way products are managed in the store. Intelligent shelf gives unprecedented analytical capabilities that will help optimize inventory management in the store. Our smart shelves not only inform about the level of inventory and the sale of items, but above all provide a lot of useful information that can support business decisions.

Along with intelligent shelves, we provide comprehensive mobile solutions that enable the collection and analysis of real-time sales data, eg: in what days or hours customers buy a product, in which store location, what impact on customers have a digital signage, which brands or packages customers prefer.

In addition, we can determine how many times the product was picked up from the shelf and put back. We can observe the reactions of customers to various types of shopping opportunities and promotional campaigns. Thanks to the data we provide, you can support the management of the store or merchandise services, which affects the efficiency and optimization of work and costs.

Intelligent displays thanks to the digital signage system can also interact with the store’s customer and can inform about the product or suggest the purchase of complementary items.

Very important segment of products, which are armed with intelligence, is the „cold zone” (cold stores, refrigerators), which is critical for retail chains and many FMCG manufacturers.

We integrate our solutions without interfering with the device structure, removing standard shelves, and then installing our system, which makes the shelves become part of the analytical system and then provide complete information about inventory and sales of products. Thanks to our solutions, we get full information about the temperature on each shelf.

Depending on the needs, our products are equipped with additional LED lighting and multimedia screens, so the service and management of marketing content and lighting take place remotely.

We integrate all our intelligent systems in display devices in accordance with the expectations of customers.