The company "Viss veikaliem un noliktavām" offers galvanized warehouse shelves for small goods (metal shelves). Such metal shelves can be used very widely: warehouse shelves, small goods shelves, archive shelves, office shelves, office shelves, shelves for work rooms, car service shelves, store shelves, garage shelves, etc.

"Viss veikaliem un noliktavām" specializes in the supply and installation of galvanized metal shelves. We offer our customers galvanized metal shelves for small items, which are an excellent solution to efficiently organize your warehouse space.

The small metal shelves we offer are manufactured from high-quality metal, which ensures their durability and safety. The galvanizing process protects the shelves from rust and ensures their long-term use.

The company offers a variety of rack sizes and shapes to suit the needs of different businesses. Our metal warehouse racks are suitable for use in both manufacturing and commercial establishments. They are suitable for both large and small warehouses and allow you to organize goods by size and product type, as well as ensure their easy accessibility and transparency.

In order to order warehouse metal shelving from "All stores and warehouses", you need to estimate how much space is available and what goods will be stored. You will then be able to select the appropriate size and shape of the metal shelves. The company guarantees high quality and a good price, which positions the company as a good business partner for your storage needs.

Galvanized shelving system: promotion price -10%

Types of set offers

Racks in the unit Shelves in the unit Description Price (EUR)
Rack H-2000 / 4 pcs L-1000x500 / 4 pcs Unit price H-2000 L-1000 W-500 80.47
Rack H-3000 / 4pcs L-1000x500 / 4 pcs Unit price H-3000 L-1000 W-500 91.84
Rack H-2000 / 4pcs L-1200x500 / 4pcs Unit price H-2000 L-1200 W-500 90.83
Rack H-3000 / 4pcs L-1200x500 / 4pcs Unit price H-3000 L-1200 W-500 102.20

Prices indicated without VAT

Detailed list of elements: Promotion price (EUR) - 10%
Rack H-1600, galvanized on request
Rack H-2000, galvanized 5.68
Rack H-2400, galvanized 6.80
Rack H-3000, galvanized 8.52
Shelf 800x300, galvanized on request
Shelf 800x400 1R mm, galvanized on request
Shelf 800x500 1R mm, galvanized on request
Shelf 800x600 2R mm, galvanized on request
Shelf 1000x300, galvanized 8.95
Shelf 1000x400 1R mm, galvanized 12.13
Shelf 1000x500 1R mm, galvanized 13.96
Shelf 1000x600 2R mm, galvanized 17.55
Shelf 1200x300, galvanized on request
Shelf 1200x400 1R mm, galvanized 14.42
Shelf 1200x500 1R mm, galvanized 16.55
Shelf 1200x600 1R mm, galvanized 20.34
Footplate, galvanized 0.48
Cross-connectors, galvanized 9.82

Prices indicated without VAT.

Load capacity per level:

  • 1000x500 1R mm - 110 kg
  • 1200x500 1R mm - 100 kg

Load capacity per rack:

  • 1000 kg

Other rack heights available upon request!
(for example H-2800, H-2700, H-2600, H-2500, H-2300, H-2200, H-1900, H-1800, etc.)

The company "Viss veikaliem un noliktavām" offers galvanized warehouse shelves for various product groups, which provide an excellent way to efficiently store products and use space. Metal shelving is durable and easy to maintain, making it a long-term investment in your business. By ordering these shelves, you guarantee yourself a high-quality product and an excellent business partner for your business development.