HX pallet shelving system

By choosing HX pallet shelving system you will obtain innovative solutions that will make day-to-day work more efficient. HX pallet shelves possess high level of load stability and the broadest range of construction combinations for placing goods of different types and sizes.

HX pallet shelving system

The benefit from the HX pallet shelving system is the possibility to arrange several alleys of shelves comprising one or several segments with the beam levels – shelves at different levels. This provides an opportunity to place goods of different size and weight in one alley of shelves, to plan the warehouse layout at its maximum efficiency on the basis of the company’s individual parameters of logistics.

The significant advantage of HX warehouse shelves is the assembling of all elements using screw and hook connections, which could be re-used. As a result, if necessary, the existing shelves may be modified, thus saving the company’s funds for purchasing new shelves.

According to your needs, in conformity with the technical specifications, there are frames of shelves, types of beams, bases of shelves, back panels and other necessary accessories that make shelves multifunctional for placing goods in both directions – vertically and horizontally.

By choosing HX pallet shelves you obtain the constructions of shelves that meet the requirements set in the European Union. TUV Rheinland – an independent German research institute has approved the quality of HX solutions, which is proved by issued GS certificate.

HX pallet shelving system 2

The HX pallet shelves are a modern solution to make the operation of warehouses more efficient and business activities – more competitive. Our professionals will assist in planning the most appropriate solution for you on the basis of your individual needs. Our employees will perform the necessary calculations and develop the design of constructions.

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