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Designed for warehouses, stores, archives, working premises and offices with a load capacity from 150 to 250 kg

  • Width of shelves: 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Depth: 300-800mm
  • Height: up to 3000mm
Produktnavn Kode
Statisk H-1000, forsinket S170
Statisk H-2100 S200
Statisk H-2500 S250
Statisk H-2900 S290
Andre stativhøyder er tilgjengelige på forespørsel!
(for example H-3000, H-2800, H-2700, H-2600, H-2400, H-2300, H-2200, H-2000, H-1900, H-1800, H-1600 etc.)
Hylle L 1200x300 P1200x300
Hylle L 1200x400 P1200x400
Hylle L 1200x500 P1200x500
Hylle L 1200x600 P1200x600
Hylle L 1000x300 P1000x300
Hylle L 1000x400 P1000x400
Hylle L 1000x500 P1000x500
Hylle L 1000x600 P1000x600
Hylle L 1000x700 P1000x700
Hylle L 1000x800 P1000x800
Hylle L 900x300 P900x300
Hylle L 900x400 P900x400
Hylle L 900x500 P900x500
Hylle L 900x600 P900x600
Hylle L 750x300 P750x300
Hylle L 750x400 P750x400
Hylle L 750x500 P750x500
Hylle L 750x600 P750x600
Stativ tilkobling 300 mm SS300
Stativ tilkobling 400 mm SS400
Stativ tilkobling 500 mm SS500
Stativ tilkobling 600 mm SS600
Stativ tilkobling 700 mm SS700
Øvre skift 1000x60x1,5 PP1000x60
Øvre skift 1200x60x1,5 PP1200x60
Krok for hyller A01
Fotplate A00
Kryss-koblinger 1200x3 KS1200x3
Kryss-koblinger 1000x3 KS1000x3
Kryss-koblinger 900x3 KS900x3
Kryss-koblinger 750x3 KS750x3