The company "VVN" offers a wide selection of metal cabinets - for offices and office premises, warehouses, workshops, archives, etc., as well as safes with a key lock or equipped with an electronic code lock.

General specification

Model number Number of shelves*

Type of lock*


Height (outer/ internal)*

Width (outer/ internal)*

Depth (outer/ internal)*
VVN S1 3 3-part spigot lock system ("spider")  287 kg 1100 (940) mm 555 (407) mm 547 (388) mm
VVN S2 2 Electronic code lock 600 kg 1190 (1020) mm 565 (390) mm 540 (330) mm
VVN S3 1 Key lock 24 kg 300 (296) mm 440 (386) mm 355 (301) mm
*Different types and solutions of safes are possible, adapting them according to individual requirements/needs.

EIS catalogue

(specification for the Electronic Procurement System)

Technical parameters of the wallet VVN S1:

Fire protection degree - LFS 60P complies with EN 15659 (ECB-S and IMP);

Anti-burglary degree - EN 1143-1, grade 2 (IMP);

Enhanced protection of the protective layer of all walls and doors of the case;

A fire-resistant fastener is embedded in the perimeter of the door opening;

Spruce locking system, protection against knock-out;

Lock protection against drilling and breaking;

Complete with A class EN-1300 key lock "KABA MAUER" and code mechanical lock "S&G 8550".

Technical parameters of the wallet VVN S2:

Fire protection degree ‒ 60P, NT Fire 017;

2. anti-burglary level ‒ EN 1143-1;

60-minute fire protection;

Prepared for floor mounting.

Technical parameters of the wallet VVN S3:

Certificates - EN 14450 (IMP);

Internal volume ‒ 39 l;

Protection of locks and spigots against drilling;

Comfortable handle for models with electronic lock.

Abbreviations used in the table: H ‒ height, W ‒ width, D ‒ depth

Model number Sizes Weight Security class Type of lock Number of adjustable shelves




H ‒ 1100 mm,
W ‒ 555 mm, D ‒ 547 mm
287 kg EN 1143-1, grade 2 (IMP) 3-part spigot lock system ("spider") 3 Light gray (RAL 7035) Case thickness - 90 mm; total door thickness - 110 mm


H ‒ 1190 mm,
W ‒ 565 mm, D ‒ 5240 mm
600 kg Class I according to EN 1143-1 Electronic code lock 2 White Steel


H ‒ 300 mm,
W ‒ 440 mm, D ‒ 355 mm
24 kg Grade S1 Key lock 1 Light gray (RAL 7035) Reinforced front panel compared to other furniture safes - 3 mm