Movable shelving with soft touch electric drive

The movable shelving with SOFT TOUCH system is a truly innovative solution. Moving particular units no longer requires any physical effort. Tap gently in specific spot to gain access to required archives. This is a perfect solution for large and frequently used archives, when user is carrying documents and cannot use hands, especially disabled people. Shelving moves smoothly, what protects files against changing their position when moved.

Movable shelving system provides the possibility of transmission by means of an electric motor and cogwheels coupled with transmission shaft. The control system has the following functions: opening, blocking, resetting, failure alarm, moving apart, airing, user protection, safety.

Detailed specifications catalog

Overall specification


2019 mm

2394 mm

Width of a shelf

1000 mm 750 mm
or agreed with a customer
Depth of a shelf 300 mm
Shelves per unit 5 or 6 shelves + 1 cover shelf
Distance between shelves 350 mm or agreed with a customer
Shelf’s adjustment every 25 mm
Load capability of a shelf 40 kg 80 kg – (optionally)
Drive electric

Additional equipment
shelf’s dividers
pull-out frame drawers
mesh panels