Mobile archive shelving systems

The company "Everything for shops and warehouses" offers robust galvanized shelving systems for heavy loads. These shelves are suitable for a wide range of applications: warehouses, archives, offices, workrooms, car service shops, shops, garages, etc.

Overall specification

Model number Shelves

1 shelf load capacity



VVN MAS1 24 90 kg 2390 mm 2100 mm 600 mm
VVN MAS2 28 90 kg 2390 mm 2100 mm 600 mm
VVN MAS3 42 90 kg 2390 mm 3100 mm 600 mm
VVN MAS4 56 90 kg 2390 mm 4100 mm 600 mm
VVN MAS5 36 90 kg 2390 mm 3100 mm 600 mm
VVN MAS6 60 90 kg 2390 mm 5100 mm 600 mm

Specification for two-sided mobile archive shelving systems:

Shelf adjustment step - not more than 30 mm;
Shelf dimensions: width - 1000 mm, depth - 300 mm (tolerance ± 25 mm);
The back of each shelf has a bounding edge that serves as a folder stop;
Rails (guides) made of steel, fastened to the floor;
Rails have leveling capability, height from floor 15-20 mm;
The sections are equipped with a stop-rollover device on each rail;
Chain drive for each rail;
The drive with is with gearbox.

When placing an order, the customer shall ensure that the floor bearing capacity of the archive space is not less than 1000 kg per square meter and the floor level difference of 4 m is not more than 5 mm.