Archival / warehouse shelves for storing bulky items

The company "Everything for shops and warehouses" offers robust galvanized shelving systems for heavy loads. These shelves are suitable for a wide range of applications: warehouses, archives, offices, workrooms, car service shops, shops, garages, etc.

Overall specification

Model number Shelves

1 shelf load capacity



VVN AWS1 5 190 kg 2200 mm 1000 mm 500 mm
VVN AWS2 5 280 kg 2500 mm 1300 mm 500 mm

Technical specification of archival/warehouse shelves for storing bulky items:
Possibility to add additional sections;
The rack section is based on 4 supports;
The rear supports are connected to the links (crosswise);
The supports are with plastic sleeves - pallets;
Shelf adjustment step - 25 mm;
Includes a one-piece steel slab that serves as a side edge;
Additional fasteners - additional fastenings are required on the floor if specified in the TS, but the bolts are not included in the offer and price.