VVN has repeatedly received the Certificate of Compliance with the highest AAA rating of creditworthiness

A year ago, we received a confirmation from Bisnode Latvija that SIA Viss veikaliem un noliktavām meets the highest level of creditworthiness, receiving an AAA rating Certificate. We are pleased to announce that this year we received an extension of the AAA Certificate, which means that VVN is one of the few companies in Latvia that has achieved the highest creditworthiness.

We are proud of this achievement, since only 3% of Latvian companies meet the highest AAA rating of creditworthiness and we are one of them. The simple AAA credit rating scale model has gained recognition and popularity in Scandinavia, Estonia and other countries where Bisnode Group companies operate. From 2019, the AAA credit rating is also available in Latvia. The rating calculation is based on four basic blocks of information: activity, origin, solvency and finance. The analysis and the weight of each criterion are determined by Scandinavian experts with more than 10 years of experience. The popularity of the AAA rating scale is based on simplicity. The principle of assessment is convenient and easy to understand for everyone, just like the 10-point grading system in schools.

The fact that we have repeatedly received this Certificate shows that we are a reliable partner and service provider that customers can rely on. When we first received this confirmation, we promised that we would continue to work with the same enthusiasm to be an excellent support and reliable partner for our customers and partners. Also this year we can say that we are striving for an even better version of ourselves, purposefully working on the quality of services to provide our customers with the best experience. We thank all our partners and customers for their trust, since we would not have received this high recognition alone.

AAA certificate