Morderna checkout zones for your store

VVN is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of store and warehouse equipment in the Baltics and Scandinavian countries with a wide network of cooperation throughout Europe. We currently offer you modern and efficient solutions for the payment areas of your store.

Modern checkout area solutions help manage the shopping process, making the process quick and convenient, thus ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. They help to optimize the store's work and reduce the workload of employees.

MSG is the most modern cash desk line, it is characterized by modern design and high quality materials: aluminum and new generation plastic. MSG Cashier tables with conveyor belt are available in more than 100 colors.

Cash desks of the KSG line make it easy to create a cashier's workplace and adapt it to the layout of the room and individual needs.

In order to make the choice easier, we offer six basic variants of the spatial arrangement of cash desks.

The checkout area is the last place for impulse purchases and the last chance to reinforce the modern and friendly image of the store. You provide complete convenience to your customers by choosing new self-service checkouts that improve queue service and speed up payments for purchases.