Choose the trade equipment offered by VVN

VVN is one of the leading suppliers of tradeRU equipment in the Baltics and Scandinavian countries. We offer our customers a full range of equipment for trade and warehouse spaces that will help improve the circulation of goods in your company.
We are proud of more than 10 years of experience and knowledge that have enabled us to build a stable and competitive company specializing in the supply and installation of high quality commercial equipment. The high quality of our manufactured and delivered products is ensured by certified production facilities in Latvia and European countries.

Store shelving systems are an important part of any retail business. They not only help to place the goods, but also to use the area of the premises as efficiently as possible, moreover, properly selected store shelves make the products visually more attractive to visitors/buyers.

In a well-designed system, store shelves provide easy access to the products you want to place. In addition, it should be designed in such a way that customers can easily navigate the store. For example, if the aisles are too narrow, customers may leave the store faster and look elsewhere for the product they need. A well-designed point of sale should also be easy to clean.

VVN offers:

  • retail shelving systems;
  • specialized trade modules for bakery products, flowers, fruits, vegetables, alcoholic beverages, sports goods, cigarettes, etc.;
  • cash desks with a conveyor belt;
  • cash desks without a conveyor belt;
  • additional equipment stands for payment areas;
  • other innovative payment zone solution modules.
We provide our customers with a full range of services, from design to assembly and service.